UEFA Champions League football schedule 14 | 2 | 2018

Round 16 of 2 leg 2 |February 2018
02:45PSG Madrid
02:45Liverpool Porto
02:45tottenham juventus
02:45Man City Basel
02:45Roma Shakhtar
02:45Man UTD Sevila
00:00Besiktas Bayern
02:45Barcelona Chelsea

UEFA Champions League football schedule 14 | 2 | 2018 is a special match competition and certainly this is an International League competition and that the whole world already knows.

All participants of the 16th round of Champions League 2017/18 have been known in accordance with the preliminary round on Wednesday (6/12) night. The likelihood of a spate of bigmatches is instantly present at the first knock-out phase of the season with the innocence of the majority of top clubs from their respective groups.

After struggling in the round of 16 large, winning clubs then enter the phase of the big 8 or quarter-final. Drawing the last eight of Champions League will be done on Friday, March 16, 2018 or the day after the last fight of the last 16,

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UEFA Champions League football schedule 14 | 2 | 2018